-SteamGirl News Update-

-We’re happy to announce the return of Ayria Lovett and Rin, who will both have individual photo sets making their debut in May. Both Ayria and Rin have become huge fan-favorites and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us!
-In behind-the-camera news, please join me in welcoming Vania Lynd as our newest photographer! Our anonymous photographer is still with us and will still be putting out work for on a regular basis, but now we’ll also have the benefit of Vania’s talent so we can create even more photo sets for our members to enjoy! As you can see by her Facebook page, there are some incredible photos in store for!
-Last but not least, we have yet another new addition to the team! Please welcome Cory Nova as’s newest photo editor, who will make sure our photos are as vibrant and beautiful as she is. Seriously, go to Cory Nova’s page and check out her work, it’s incredible.